About Us

Located in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, Our lead tech and co-owner Mike has been in the auto field as a professional technician for over 20 years. Mike has extensive knowledge in jeeps and trucks and will be able to help answer questions, and clear any confusion you may have from all the online info you may find.

Jenni can help you with your build as well. Her knowledge of Jeeps and being offroad is brought to the table when discussing a build. She knows how to build them for on and offroad.

Knowledge is power!

When you purchase a truck or jeep and you want to build it, bring it to a reputable shop that knows all aspects of suspensions, steering and building with a budget!

We do our best to work within your budget and care about your safety when putting the build together. We are here for the long run and will take care of you after it is done. Let us help you build your dream ride!